Jessica Phillips

Jessica, New Ventures West’s talented Enrollment Director with nearly 10 years of experience, is also a certified Integral Coach® (2014) who has worked with clients around the US. Previous career highlights include winning a Peabody Award for her work in public radio and developing custom products for some of the largest companies in the world with her family’s fourth generation seafood business. Whether serving as a coach, making great radio, representing her family’s company, or helping guide potential coaches, Jessica has noticed that the transformative power of listening seems to be a central theme in her life. Ironically, she is also a chronic interrupter, or as she prefers, a cooperative overlapper.

In her free time, she enjoys teaching and organizing with her spiritual community and speed reading on average 1.88 novels a week. She lives in Baltimore, MD, with her partner Root (also an Integral Coach), and Hester, a cheeky cat very dear to her heart.

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Foundations of Coaching

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Foundations of Coaching

03/12/2024 - 03/14/2024 | Virtual (Pacific) | By Carole Henmi

Our introductory program, Foundations of Coaching, gives you hands-on experience with the Integral Coaching methodology, with plenty of space for conversation.