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from the inside out.

Build your organization’s resilience with leadership development tailored to your needs.

Drive the results that matter most

Cultivate a deeper level of business growth.

Much of how we think about growth in a business context is horizontal—accomplishing tasks and goals, gaining competitive ground, and innovating before your category gets disrupted.

Cultivating adaptivity and competence in your leaders and teams is critical to thriving through change. And yet, developing a depth of discernment—a way of being that can integrate ideas from across disciplines—requires cultivating patience and perspective.

What might it be like to step into a deeper level of development and growth—to build clarity, alignment, and contribution as a fluid and powerful team? To create the conditions for resilience and innovation, instead of feeling stuck in past success?

Contribute to transformation

Integral Coaching sees the sum is greater than its parts.

Thinking from an Integral perspective allows people to go beyond the bounds of what has been assumed in the past.

By noticing influential patterns that connect the dots across silos, disciplines, and performance objectives, those using an Integral approach—whether they work as a leader, manager, individual or coach—can drive greater alignment, effectiveness and wellbeing at every level of your organization.

Our approach is rooted in a rigorous, evolving blend of the latest scientific discoveries and diverse wisdom traditions.

Powerful programs for leaders and teams

Make a lasting impact with future-ready skills.

Our proven interdisciplinary method helps leaders, teams and individuals become more present, effective and fulfilled—leading to transformative change in how your organization solves challenges and harnesses opportunities.

Coach Training for Leaders

Empower your leaders, managers and rising stars to develop talent and cultivate coaching skills with streamlined, immersive programs featuring plenty of hands-on practice, relevant to your talent and organizational needs.

Leadership Development

Discover custom options that can cultivate leadership skills at every level of your organization, including bespoke in-house programs, offsite facilitation, speaking engagements at your offsites, team meetings and companywide gatherings.

Integral leadership coaching

Harness the power of collaboration and commitment by fostering the competencies vital to becoming a top-performing organization. Empower your leaders, teams and more, backed by our proven methodology.

Amplify your skill and presence as a leader.

Cultivate more connection, more support, and more effectiveness in your teams and talent, grounded in a proven approach.

Jane Owen

“Each time I begin a coaching relationship and I take my client into my heart, I’m thankful for what NVW opened in me. Our hearts have an endless capacity to embrace one another that I now deeply understand.”

Jane Owen

St. Clair Shores, MI

Karen Kane

“I am a much better coach as a result of the Professional Coaching Course. My skill in assessing clients and designing appropriate coaching programs has increased significantly.”

Karen Kane

Silver Spring, MD

Simone Writer

“New Ventures West is life changing! To me, the PCC was much more than a coaching program: it was a rebirth. I am forever grateful to James and the fabulous work he put into the world.”

Simone Writer

San Francisco, CA

Angie Fox

“Thwarting the Inner Critic is such a powerful class. It helped me and still helps me serve clients years later.”

Angie Fox

El Sobrante, CA

Featured Course

Foundations of Coaching

Coaching Certification

Foundations of Coaching

05/14/2024 – 05/16/2024 | Virtual (Pacific) | By Carole Henmi

Our introductory program, Foundations of Coaching, gives you hands-on experience with the Integral Coaching methodology, with plenty of space for conversation.

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