Personal Development

Become more of

who you are.

Experience new growth and deepen on your journey to support yourself, your community and your world.

Step into greater fulfillment

What might it be like to connect with your whole self?

Your life is shaped by many influences—the cultures, contexts, experiences, and people that have impacted the person you are today.

We believe that you are already whole. And by working at the level of who you are, not simply what you wish to change, we can expand how you awaken to new possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Learn alongside peers

Deepen into a community of like-minded learners.

Not only will you experience the expert guidance of our experienced, diverse faculty of Integral Coaches, you’ll become welcomed into our warm, compassionate community of students.

Our cohort-based trainings are designed to support relationships. Class sizes are limited to give you an intimate, personalized experience, and students often create lifelong friendships and networks with those they study alongside.

Embark on a program that will change your life.

How it works

Practical wisdom to keep you growing.

Experience hands-on practice to bring your learnings into the here and now. We offer programs designed to support you at every stage of your journey.

Start where you are.

Align your journey with your needs, your capacity and your lifestyle. Our training offerings range from two-hour workshops to programs that unfold over months, We gather virtually, in-person or hybrid across a variety of timezones.

Learnings for your mind, heart and spirit.

Our methodology is rooted in the latest scientific inquiry and traditional wisdoms from around the globe. Learn at the intersection of neuroscience, somatic movement, attachment theory, mindfulness and many more.

Jill Clark

“The PCC prepared me in so many unexpected ways for corporate training. By seeing my client as a whole person and looking beyond the struggle she’s experiencing with a specific job-related skill, I can introduce new possibilities in a language she understands.”

Jill Clark

Seattle, WA

Simone Writer

“New Ventures West is life changing! To me, the PCC was much more than a coaching program: it was a rebirth. I am forever grateful to James and the fabulous work he put into the world.”

Simone Writer

San Francisco, CA

Matt Sloane

“Engaging with the Professional Coaching Course was like having an instant community that valued depth and presence. NVW met my need for a curriculum that prioritized my development as a human being.”

Matt Sloane

Portland, OR

Xiaomei Zhou

“I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to go through the PCC journey. It has changed how I view the world and what happens around us every day. “

Xiaomei Zhou

Shanghai, China

Designed to work with your life.

We have workshops and classes beginning every month. Find the one that works for you.

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