Our History

Our story, like our methodology, is still unfolding.

From its humble beginnings to one of the top accredited coaching schools in the world, New Ventures West pioneered one of the deepest, most transformative forms of human development available for coaches, leaders, and anyone looking to bring people alive in possibility.

The work of New Ventures West began in 1987, when coaching was a burgeoning discipline. Its founder, James Flaherty, is a lifelong student of human behavior, committed to finding a way to ease the suffering he observed in the world. Integral Coaching emerged (and continues to emerge) as a response to all of this.

In 1994, the Professional Coaching Course was developed as the flagship offering to train people in the methodology. Begun in the United States, the course is now offered in the UK, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, and beyond. Our esteemed colleagues have helped develop a rich curriculum of foundational classes, organizational courses, and advanced trainings to meet coaches from all backgrounds where they are.

Integral Coaching is an ongoing, evolving approach that integrates everything from ancient wisdom to the latest research in adult development. Due to its aliveness, vibrancy, and deep roots, elements of the method are widely used in various other approaches that have been established over the years.

Today, our global community of practitioners numbers in the thousands, and each brings their ongoing learning and development into their unique expression of Integral Coaching. Our leader body comprises some of the most well-developed, well-read, skillful, kind and compassionate faculty, staff, and coaches in the world.

We look forward to getting to know you, and welcoming you into our vibrant global community!