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The world needs your skill, your compassion and your presence. At every step of your journey, New Ventures West helps you awaken your greatest possibilities.

Skills for your whole life

What would it be like to step into a deeper calling?

We guide new and experienced coaches to become more present and effective in their work and life.

By becoming alive to a wider range of possibilities for themselves and for others, New Ventures West Certified Integral Coaches are able to help clients find more fulfillment, freedom and connection.

Embark on the year that will change your life.

How it works

Shaped by interdisciplinary wisdom.

In fact, it’s the very basis of the Integral Coaching approach. Our curriculum and methodology draw from a deep and evolving wellspring of the latest scientific inquiry and wisdom traditions from across the globe.

Find practical and powerful ways of expanding your client’s capacity and skillfulness, rooted in trauma-informed knowledge from neuroscience, polyvagal theory, somatic movement, process work, attachment theory, established wisdom traditions and many more. Learn More.

Learn in community

Develop your understanding with support along the way.

Our cohort-based approach is unlike any other. Many of our students and graduates forge lifelong relationships and networks that last long beyond your training.

We design our programs with spaciousness and community in mind, so you can reflect on what you’re learning, experience hands-on practice and ask questions of our diverse, expert faculty.

The path to certification

Build a body of experience.

Our programs are structured to help you step into our methodology with knowledge and practice at every stage.

Establish your fundamentals in Foundations of Coaching

Explore a hands-on introduction to the Integral Coaching methodology in a supportive, virtual environment. Over three days, you’ll learn practical, immediately relevant skills through a blend of practice, reflection, skill building, and theory.

Expand your possibilities in Coaching Certification

Our signature program in the Integral Coaching methodology builds the presence, support, and effectiveness that helps coaches and leaders create life-changing transformations in their clients and themselves. At the end of your training, you’ll be a Certified Integral Coach®.

Deepen into opportunity

Your PCC is just the beginning. As an ICF Level 2 Accredited program, the PCC prepares you for many possible paths, including accreditation and advanced certification. Step into a lifetime of learning that flexes alongside your needs.

Karen Kane

“I am a much better coach as a result of the Professional Coaching Course. My skill in assessing clients and designing appropriate coaching programs has increased significantly.”

Karen Kane

Silver Spring, MD

Jean Casey

“I discovered how to integrate heart, body and mind to be whole in life and work, and I experienced deep learning, fun, community, challenge, support, and career growth as an executive coach. “

Jean Casey

Carrollton, TX

Asim Khan

“Coming from an engineering background, New Ventures West opened up a whole other world of opportunities for me with Integral Coaching.”

Asim Khan

Folsom, CA

Liz Harris

“This unique program not only taught me a powerful methodology for coaching others; more importantly it showed me how to continue my own journey towards being the best person I can be. “

Liz Harris

Perth, Australia

Your whole self is welcome in this work.

We greet the complexity of human beings with curiosity and compassion. Our programs are designed on the principle that power is dynamic, and our global faculty helps you unfold your unique genius and beauty. The integration of our individual experience and our collective trajectory is key to helping human beings become more of who they are. Our methodology is beyond technique, process or tips. In a manner of speaking, you are the method.

Familiarize yourself with the language of our methodology

Professional Coaching Course

Embark on the year that will change your life.

Develop the capacity, presence, and skill to meet people where they are. Our yearlong Integral Coach® certification program connects you with a community of industry-leading facilitators and the support of like-minded peers.

Designed to work with your life.

We have workshops and cohorts beginning every month. Find the one that works for you.

Amy Levine

“The Professional Coaching Course was the best education I’ve ever received. Not only did I learn the skills necessary to improve my coaching practice, it was a life-changing experience for which I will always be grateful.”

Amy Levine

Oakland, CA

Xiaomei Zhou

“I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to go through the PCC journey. It has changed how I view the world and what happens around us every day. “

Xiaomei Zhou

Shanghai, China

Amanda Dunsby

“My PCC training was a profoundly life-changing experience, which has forever positively impacted my way of being and relationships. The course is highly professional, well-structured, impactful and experiential.”

Amanda Dunsby

Cape Town, South Africa

Erin Glenn-Hash

“What a joy to be undaunted in a group of brave learners, remembering how compassion, essence, and yes, even longing…lead us toward freedom, toward home.”

Erin Glenn-Hash

Lincoln, NE

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Foundations of Coaching

Coaching Certification

Foundations of Coaching

05/14/2024 – 05/16/2024 | Virtual (Pacific) | By Carole Henmi

Our introductory program, Foundations of Coaching, gives you hands-on experience with the Integral Coaching methodology, with plenty of space for conversation.

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