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Enhance your life by learning the principles of Integral Coaching® alongside like-hearted individuals.

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July: Reviving Our Luminosity in a Depleted World

Integral Learning Lab
Integral Learning Lab



Fabian Di Felice

Integral Learning Lab



Adam Klein

Learn principles essential to living well

Bring the fullness of who you are into your life.

Access guidance and practical ideas for living a more vibrant and fulfilling life. This might look like expressing your thoughts and feelings with greater ease, having more confidence in making decisions, or experiencing more stability amidst anxiety.

During the Integral Learning Lab, our half-day workshop, you’ll explore practical wisdom to engage more fully with your life, work and relationships. Experience enriching conversations, explore the fundamentals of Integral Coaching and experiment with hands-on exercises to connect more deeply to yourself.

Who this workshop is for

Your experience is welcome here.

Discover what it might be like to join our vibrant community by experiencing our approach firsthand. That means no matter your role, industry or previous experience, no coaching experience is required for this workshop.

This course is perfect for anyone curious about the Integral approach to coaching and self-development, or those considering the Professional Coaching Course.

About the workshop

Learn important and practical life principles.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn fundamentals of the Integral Coaching approach
  • Connect with like-hearted individuals
  • Experience the transformative nature of the Integral approach firsthand

You will leave this program with:

  • An expanded vision of what might be possible for you
  • Connection to a vibrant community of fellow learners
  • A renewed and refreshed sense of your gifts.

Choose the date that’s right for you.

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Meet the Leader Call

Coaching Certification

Meet the Leader Call

08/01/2024 | Virtual | By Fabian Di Felice

Get to know New Ventures West faculty and have your questions answered about Integral Coach® certification.

Navid Nazemian

“I left the programme with an awakened sense of being deeply in tune with the present moment, a curiosity to explore new possibilities and as a result, discovering new territory, every single day.”

Navid Nazemian


Sarah Cunningham

“The PCC was one of the most life-shifting and transformative experiences I’ve been through as an adult. I highly recommend it as a way to understand yourself and others in a deeper and richer way.”

Sarah Cunningham

Chicago, IL

Emily Duncan

“I developed skills that helped me show up differently and make a bigger contribution to my work and the world. Since I completed the coaching course my organization’s influence and impact doubled.”

Emily Duncan

Union City, CA

Simone Writer

“New Ventures West is life changing! To me, the PCC was much more than a coaching program: it was a rebirth. I am forever grateful to James and the fabulous work he put into the world.”

Simone Writer

San Francisco, CA

Step into the stream of Integral development.

Our work is continually evolving, and so are the programs, training, and workshops we offer. Let us support you on your journey.

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