Thwarting the Inner Critic

Tame and dismantle the grip of your inner critic so it no longer robs you of your self-esteem and vigor.

Thwarting the Inner Critic

Integration to support your whole life

Return to a life of joy

In these turbulent, complex times, we can be really tough on ourselves.

Our inner critic can easily thwart our natural spontaneity and ingenuity. The clarion call is for creativity and resilience to turn the tide. We can hear hope at the edges. The longing for meaning and freedom is in our hearts.

Returning to a life of joy, meaning, creativity and fulfillment is possible—and on the horizon.

We will learn ways to free up this misdirected energy and use our imagination and inner resources towards manifesting a life worth living for our families, our communities, and ourselves.

Who this course is for

Your life experience is welcome here.

No matter your previous experience, background, or industry, Thwarting the Inner Critic is for you.

We welcome anyone looking to release themselves from the unhelpful inner voices that impede their leadership, self-expression, underlying sense of value and seek a greater sense of freedom, abundance, and connection.

About the course

Learn the skills to be more free

The course is structured with two parts.

Part I —Reclaiming your creative energy (2 days)

We will explore the inner critic and how it shows up in our lives, to better understand its history, genesis, and assemblage.

Part II — Receptive Stance: Welcoming the richness of you (1 day)

In Part II, we will learn and practice subtle ways of working with our inner critic to pave the way for expansion and uncover the richness of who we truly are.

During this training, you will:

  • Learn models to better understand your inner critic voices and where they originated
  • Be in dialogue with your facilitators and have space for conversation with your peers in small groups
  • Experience firsthand how to liberate yourself from the unhelpful impact of your inner critic
  • Reclaim creative energy


You will leave this course with:

  • The ability to tap into your inner strength and resources to actively defend and create space for your authentic self to unfold
  • The capacity to discern the relationship of the Inner Critic and the Shadow
  • Fresh ways of experiencing yourself and the world around you

Past Students

If you have taken this course in the prior 2-day format within the past 5 years, you have the option to register for Part II only.

Attending the Pre-call is required. The tuition is $250.

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Cape Town, South Africa

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Leland Sandler

Del Mar, CA

Erin Glenn-Hash

“What a joy to be undaunted in a group of brave learners, remembering how compassion, essence, and yes, even longing…lead us toward freedom, toward home.”

Erin Glenn-Hash

Lincoln, NE

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