Advanced Training

Cultivate more mastery

in your practice.

Deepen your presence, support, and effectiveness within a committed community of like-minded coaches and leaders.

Expand with us

Who you are changes lives.

As our practice as coaches evolves, our needs for support change. The nature of our conversations with clients and colleagues grow more complex, and our training must be relevant to the discoveries and ideas shaping our world every day.


When we commit to coaching, we commit to a vocation of wisdom and compassion. When we deepen our development, we cultivate the qualities to step more fully into guiding our clients and ourselves into new depths of power and new heights of possibility.

Our approach

Interdisciplinary wisdom made practical.

An Integral Coaching approach is interested in wholeness, both of the human beings we sit with and of the wealth of ideas and insights from across cultures, disciplines, and practices.

Our curriculum and methodology is rooted in a rigorous and evolving wellspring of the latest scientific inquiry and diverse wisdom traditions.

Find effective ways to draw on intersecting fields from a trauma-informed lens, including neuroscience, polyvagal theory, somatic movement, process and presence work, attachment theory, established wisdom traditions and many more.

Advanced training programs are beginning every month. Find the one that will enhance your practice.

Develop in community

Grow alongside like-hearted fellow learners.

Prepare to meet your people. Our programs are designed with spaciousness and community at their heart, allowing you to deepen into authentic conversations with fellow coaches and practitioners.

Reflect on your learnings in real time, supported by a blend of expert instruction from diverse teachers, hands-on practice, in-depth conversations and mindful experiences that make your learning less abstract and more practical.

Advance with Integral Coaching training

Our process complements your practice.

Our advanced training programs offer you an opportunity to study with our world-class faculty in a community of expert practitioners.

As an organization, we’re committed to a life of learning and mutual support. Discover more about how we lead alongside one another.

Learn from seasoned experts

Experienced practitioners encounter complex nuances in their coaching work that go far beyond intro level. Dive into these subtle distinctions guided by our expert faculty from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Gain perspective on your learning

Many of our advanced training courses give you the opportunity to apply what you are learning to your work with clients, and workshop those learnings with your colleagues and faculty.

Generate new possibilities

Our programs ensure you become more skillful in your work with others while working at your growth edge, integrating your learning into your ongoing development.

Strengthen your support

Experience tight-knit learning classes with fellow advanced coaches who share your commitment to working at ever-deeper levels with themselves and their clients.

Erin Glenn-Hash

“What a joy to be undaunted in a group of brave learners, remembering how compassion, essence, and yes, even longing…lead us toward freedom, toward home.”

Erin Glenn-Hash

Lincoln, NE

Matt Sloane

“Engaging with the Professional Coaching Course was like having an instant community that valued depth and presence. NVW met my need for a curriculum that prioritized my development as a human being.”

Matt Sloane

Portland, OR

Michael Scott

“Whenever anyone asks me to characterize my training and experience at New Ventures West, I always use the same four adjectives: rigorous, meticulous, generous, and loving.”

Michael Scott

Sausalito, CA

Navid Nazemian

“I left the programme with an awakened sense of being deeply in tune with the present moment, a curiosity to explore new possibilities and as a result, discovering new territory, every single day.”

Navid Nazemian