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more mastery.

Gain access to graduate courses and supportive spaces intended to nurture integration and community over the course of the year.

Deepen into your calling

Thrive on your path of personal and professional growth.

Your completion of the PCC marks not just the end of a chapter but the beginning of a lifelong connection with New Ventures West. We want to support how you continue to engage, connect, and cultivate your unique voice in the world.

Explore the graduate pathways

How it works

Immerse yourself in our vibrant graduate community.

Whether through structured programs, community gatherings, or ongoing support networks, we’re here to accompany you every step of the way.

That’s why we’re introducing new pathways for you to connect with like-minded Integral Coaches, continue learning from our experienced faculty, and explore the latest ideas shaping our industry.

Who this is for

Amplify your voice in the world.

No matter where you are in your coaching journey, our graduate pathways help to support your personal and professional development. Step back into the stream of integral development and find peers alongside you.

Whether you are an emerging coach who wants to stay in the flow of learning, an established coach looking for advanced support, or someone transitioning back into coaching after time away, we’re here to grow your skills within a collaborative, community-oriented environment.

On our membership pathways, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Participate in yours and others’ transformational growth
  • Build new relationships with like-minded peers and faculty
  • Learn through guidance and community
  • Eliminate the guesswork on where to go from here
  • Improve within a container for continuous self-development
  • Discover impactful practices and reflections
  • Continue developing a solid cohort and potentially friends for life
  • Practice Integral Coaching in a dedicated space.


Our graduate pathways have been designed with input from our graduate community. Your patience, support, and feedback have been and continue to be invaluable as we enhance your experience.

Your pathway options

Choose your pathway to belonging

Our pathways are designed to support your goals and help you advance your knowledge and practice, no matter where you are in your coaching career.

The Connected Pathway


This pathway is designed to support PCC graduates with ongoing structure, support and community after certification. We will host a variety of offers to support how you:

  • Use integral methodology in fresh, relevant ways,
  • Participate in individually paid classes (e.g.
  • Thwarting the Inner Critic, Business of Integral Coaching, etc.)
  • Join local groups for your geographical region, cohort or online,
  • Participate in peer coaching, and more.


You enter this pathway as soon as you complete the PCC. How you participate is completely up to you. You can attend the available offers as you wish. Each offer needs to be registered for individually.

View offers and register

The Engaged Pathway


Join a cohort-driven pathway focused on collective growth and integrated learning. Guided by our seasoned faculty, this pathway represents a deeper commitment to bringing aliveness into your life, work and relationships.

Throughout the year, all advanced graduate courses are included in your monthly tuition. You will dive into topics such as:

  • Embodiment
  • Thwarting the Inner Critic
  • The Business of Integral Coaching
  • Coaching for Trauma
  • Integral Facilitation
  • Studying the Enneagram
  • Book study groups, with books included.


Celebrate and reflect upon your learning with powerful initiation and integration sessions that help you connect the dots between everything you’re learning, all within your cohort for the year.

Sign up for our first year-long Engaged cohort, starting October 2024 — October 2025. Enrollment is open from now until September.

Together, let’s continue to ignite your aliveness.

Continue celebrating your learning journey with us at New Ventures West and with like-hearted peers. Participating in our graduate community is a commitment to yourself and others, with a focus on Integral methodology, the nature of inquisitive work, and ethical standards.

Each year offers a valuable opportunity to pause, reflect, and refine our personal and coaching practices, ensuring our clients reap the benefits. Not only will you flourish in your own transformation, you will guide others on theirs as well. By entrusting loved ones to certified NVW coaches, we extend the ripple effect of growth and empowerment.

It’s about embracing life as an ongoing practice, finding strength and inspiration within our supportive community. Recertification is not just about personal growth; it’s also a chance to give back, to contribute to the collective journey of development and transformation.

Professional Coaching Course

Embark on the year that will change your life.

Develop the capacity, presence, and skill to meet people where they are. Our yearlong Integral Coach® certification program connects you with a community of industry-leading facilitators and the support of like-minded peers.