How it Works

Life adapts.

So do we.

Integral Coaching evolves to respond to the full range of needs as human beings develop, including the mind, body and spirit.

Why Integral Coaching?

Bring fullness to the forefront.

Every human being is shaped by a world, a lineage and a lifetime of circumstances, experiences, and other people.

Part of what makes our work integral is coaches take the whole of who our client is into account, by working at the level of who they are, not simply what they wish to change.

By going beyond the bounds of how people have defined themselves in the past, Integral Coaching is able to open new possibilities that were laying in wait to be discovered.


Integral Coaching is, by definition, oriented towards wholeness.

Our methodology is interested in the bigger picture. Integral Coaching constantly adapts to connect the dots between the latest thinking from a wide range of sources, including the disciplines of neuroscience, nervous system theories, mindfulness, somatic movement and wisdom traditions.

Find connection, clarity and community in our Coaching Certification.

Rigorous theory, applied to the practice of life.

We carry our big perspectives into our clients’ lives by helping them find the tangible practices, reflections and resources that awaken them to daily possibilities in practical, creative and simple ways.

By connecting the larger picture to their daily habits, our clients find deeper meaning and discover new possibilities within themselves, and within their work, relationships, and communities.

What makes Integral Coaching different

Our process in practice.

While our context is constantly integrating new ideas, there are a few key principles underpinning what makes Integral Coaching different from other coaching approaches.

Development over improvement

Integral Coaches are dedicated to supporting the development of our clients, which is distinct from solving problems or even working towards a specific goal. When we coach the person, we are inviting a deeper way of being that is authentic to who they are, and offering practices that support how they express their presence in the world.

Provokes questions and invitations

Many methods believe that the client has all the answers and that coaching is about asking the right questions to unlock their wisdom. Integral Coaching takes this one step further by inviting the client into a deeper and more expanded sense of self by connecting to who they are, opening more possibilities and loosening the grip of personality.

Expands beyond the mind

Integral Coaching challenges the primacy of the mind and cognition above all other sources of wisdom. We guide our clients to sense into the intelligence of their heart and body with skill, so that over time they are able to embody their insights and experience lasting change.

Adapts to your context

Integral Coaching programs are crafted to support clients navigating the complexities of life, all while developing an ever-deepening connection to who they are at their core. The flexibility of this method has proven effective across countless contexts, cultures, demographics, and time periods.

Meredith Walters

“New Ventures West gave me rich models to work with, key insights into my growth and development as a coach, and a holistic approach that really works. “

Meredith Walters

Atlanta, GA

Navid Nazemian

“I left the programme with an awakened sense of being deeply in tune with the present moment, a curiosity to explore new possibilities and as a result, discovering new territory, every single day.”

Navid Nazemian


Jean Casey

“I discovered how to integrate heart, body and mind to be whole in life and work, and I experienced deep learning, fun, community, challenge, support, and career growth as an executive coach. “

Jean Casey

Carrollton, TX

Thomas Schulte

“I’ve taken six different coach trainings, but New Ventures West was the one that influenced me the most—because it’s about you as a person rather than focusing on techniques and tools.”

Thomas Schulte

Mühital, Germany

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Discover your own depths.

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