Our Approach

Orient toward


Our cohort-based approach guides people, coaches, and leaders to become more present, supportive, and effective in their work and life.

Explore the Integral method

What might it be like to be more alive to possibility?

Integral Coaching opens new possibilities by awakening people to the present moment, and by deepening how they can powerfully express their unique genius and beauty in the world.

As the global leader in Integral Coach training and leadership development, New Ventures West helps people move toward their own wholeness and the wholeness of those they work with.

By working at the level of who people are, not what they wish to change, we see firsthand how life-changing and nourishing this work can be. Not only in the lives of our students, but in the lives of their clients, colleagues, and communities more broadly.

Find connection, clarity, and community in our Coaching Certification.

The pillars of our work

Essential elements of the Integral Coaching experience

The transformative power of Integral Coaching is sustained by three pillars: methodology, self-development, and community.

A rigorous methodology

Our proven approach to human development blends evolving knowledge fields and established wisdom traditions to cultivate depth and aliveness. The methodology finds full integration in its particular expression through each person.

A lasting transformation

When you engage with us, you may begin to see and experience the world and yourself differently. When you feel empowered by greater meaning, experience authentic belonging, and contribute your gifts to the world, your very way of being will be a tremendous support to your clients and others in your life.

A community like no other

It is essential to have trusted companions who see us for who we are and support our emergence. Class sizes are limited to give you an intimate, personalized experience where you can sink into deep relationship with those on the journey with you.

Connect with us

Relationship is at the heart of everything.

We want to explore what might be most supportive for you. Schedule some time with us or reach out to explore how Integral Coaching could support your journey—and, if it’s not, how we can help you find a path that is.

Upcoming programs

Designed to work with your life.

Connect with a compassionate community of like-minded learners. We have workshops and classes beginning every month. Find the one that works for you.