Integral Coaching Forum

Experience deeper connection with clearer, more effective conversations.

Integral Coaching Forum
Integral Coaching Forum


Virtual (Pacific Time)

Sahar Azarabadi

Tools for a healthy life

Gain more clarity and connection from your conversations.

Experience practical ideas and methods for bringing more meaning to your conversations. This might look like navigating a challenging issue, understanding another  person’s perspective, or experiencing a greater sense of possibility in your own life.

During the Integral Coaching Forum, our two-hour workshop, you’ll gain the skills to have more effective conversations. Workshop a question, dilemma, or recurring issue in your life using the principles of Integral Coaching.

Who this workshop is for

Your challenges are welcome here.

Discover what it might be like to join our vibrant community by experiencing our approach firsthand. That means no matter your role, industry or previous experience, no coaching experience is required for this workshop.

This course is perfect for anyone curious about the Integral approach to coaching and self-development, or those considering the Professional Coaching Course.

About the workshop

Learn important and practical communication principles.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn fundamentals of the Integral Coaching approach
  • Connect with like-hearted individuals
  • Experience the transformative nature of the Integral approach firsthand.

You will leave this program with:

  • Practical ways to have more effective conversations
  • Connection to a vibrant community
  • Fresh perspective on an important topic in your life.

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Jean Casey

“I discovered how to integrate heart, body and mind to be whole in life and work, and I experienced deep learning, fun, community, challenge, support, and career growth as an executive coach. “

Jean Casey

Carrollton, TX

Asim Khan

“Coming from an engineering background, New Ventures West opened up a whole other world of opportunities for me with Integral Coaching.”

Asim Khan

Folsom, CA

Xiaomei Zhou

“I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to go through the PCC journey. It has changed how I view the world and what happens around us every day. “

Xiaomei Zhou

Shanghai, China

Amy Levine

“The Professional Coaching Course was the best education I’ve ever received. Not only did I learn the skills necessary to improve my coaching practice, it was a life-changing experience for which I will always be grateful.”

Amy Levine

Oakland, CA

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