Integral Coaching Forum

Experience deeper connection with clearer, more effective conversations.

Integral Coaching Forum

Tools for a healthy life

Gain more clarity and connection from your conversations.

Experience practical ideas and methods for bringing more meaning to your conversations. This might look like navigating a challenging issue, understanding another  person’s perspective, or experiencing a greater sense of possibility in your own life.

During the Integral Coaching Forum, our two-hour workshop, you’ll gain the skills to have more effective conversations. Workshop a question, dilemma, or recurring issue in your life using the principles of Integral Coaching.

Who this workshop is for

Your challenges are welcome here.

Discover what it might be like to join our vibrant community by experiencing our approach firsthand. That means no matter your role, industry or previous experience, no coaching experience is required for this workshop.

This course is perfect for anyone curious about the Integral approach to coaching and self-development, or those considering the Professional Coaching Course.

About the workshop

Learn important and practical communication principles.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn fundamentals of the Integral Coaching approach
  • Connect with like-hearted individuals
  • Experience the transformative nature of the Integral approach firsthand.

You will leave this program with:

  • Practical ways to have more effective conversations
  • Connection to a vibrant community
  • Fresh perspective on an important topic in your life.

Choose the date that’s right for you.

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Erin Glenn-Hash

“What a joy to be undaunted in a group of brave learners, remembering how compassion, essence, and yes, even longing…lead us toward freedom, toward home.”

Erin Glenn-Hash

Lincoln, NE

Maryse Lepage

“I experienced a major shift of perspectives on myself, others, and the world: exhilarating, terrifying, elevating. I went from seeing coaching as a profession to coaching as a vocation and a way of being.”

Maryse Lepage

Ottawa, ON

Ellen Robinson

“I discovered more about myself and others than I had ever imagined. The teachers are deeply developed and skilled, and the container that is immediately created is ‘priceless.’”

Ellen Robinson

Denver, CO

Kathrin O'Sullivan

“NVW brings forward a unique space of rigorous coach development and truly supportive community. I have become a more compassionate person and shifted my coaching from a transactional approach to a place where real transformation is possible. “

Kathrin O’Sullivan

Redwood City, CA

Step into the stream of Integral development.

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