Coaching Circles

Quickly expand your reach and your impact as a coach, facilitator or organizational development practitioner by learning to design and lead Coaching Circles.

Coaching Circles

Skills to support groups

Expand your coaching practice through group work

Coaching Circles provide a trusting environment for a small group of peers to coach each other in exploring the challenges and complexities of their roles and in designing effective and authentic ways to achieve what matters most to them. They are a relatively low-cost alternative to one-on-one coaching programs,  yet they truly enhance the development of people who meet in this dynamic, challenging and safe setting.

Who this course is for

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This course is presented in partnership with Coaching Circles®, founded by NVW faculty emeritus Charles Brassard, who has over 20 years of experience designing and leading Coaching Circles around the world. We invite you to experience this powerful way to leverage your coaching skills through:

  • Building your capacity to work with small groups, and leveraging your impact and resources
  • Helping people learn how to deal with complexity and develop a range of responses to constantly evolving situations
  • Boosting performance and accelerating the development of individuals and teams
  • Creating a safe and stimulating environment for people to learn and grow

About the course

Learn the master skills to be a more effective coach all at your own pace

Explore at your own pace the basic principles and practices of coaching circles in a stimulating, interactive learning environment.

You will find multiple tools to support your role as facilitator-coach and to anticipate the wide range of situations that arise in the effervescence of a coaching circle.

This is a master level course that will enhance your competence as a coach and facilitator.

  • The  four main domains of knowledge and practice that form the foundations of Coaching Circles ( Integral Coaching, Action Learning, Andragogy, Inquiry)
  • How to use compelling language to promote your offer and attract clients
  • How to create powerful designs that are adapted to your audience


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Linda Denton

“Foundations of Coaching was the best coaching class I have ever taken!”

Linda Denton

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Antje Berlin

“From clever to compassionate, from headstrong to a soft heart—the faculty of the Professional Coaching Course showed me the way. I will be forever grateful.”

Antje Berlin

Cape Town, South Africa

Cindy McVay

“Integral Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to bring about individualized, long-term change. When our leaders start living more deeply and authentically, it has wonderful impacts all through the company.”

Cindy McVay

Rocklin, CA

Emily Duncan

“I developed skills that helped me show up differently and make a bigger contribution to my work and the world. Since I completed the coaching course my organization’s influence and impact doubled.”

Emily Duncan

Union City, CA

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