Coaching Supervision

Continue growing and learning in partnership with a faculty member.

Coaching Supervision

Depth for your client engagements

Expand and deepen your work with clients.

Coaches can sometimes feel alone in what they do—afraid to make mistakes, feeling ineffective with their clients, or at a loss for what to do next. Most of the time this is as much about our development as it is our skill.

Many disciplines have a tradition of supervision—a relationship in which one practitioner works with another, more seasoned practitioner to discuss and get coaching and advice on their client work.

Coaching Supervision is a way to continue growing and learning as a coach in a supported way, by receiving rigorous guidance in your coaching work and personal development. You will hone your craft and deepen your way of being by:

  • making new distinctions
  • becoming a more rigorous observer of yourself, including your gifts and your blind spots
  • deepening your practical and philosophical understanding of the Integral Coaching methodology
  • adding to your pool of resources


About the course

Grow and learn in partnership with a faculty member.

You and your supervising coach will work together to create a plan that best fits your needs, including detailed review of your client work and a personalized development plan for you.

You can choose from a single session, six session or 12 session engagements.

Choose the date that’s right for you.

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Navid Nazemian

“I left the programme with an awakened sense of being deeply in tune with the present moment, a curiosity to explore new possibilities and as a result, discovering new territory, every single day.”

Navid Nazemian


Sajili Shirodkar

“At New Ventures West I experienced a respectful and tender holding of each participant—which had me cherish being vulnerable—and a blossoming transformation of myself which continues to unfold.”

Sajili Shirodkar

Mumbai, India

Antje Berlin

“From clever to compassionate, from headstrong to a soft heart—the faculty of the Professional Coaching Course showed me the way. I will be forever grateful.”

Antje Berlin

Cape Town, South Africa

Jane Owen

“Each time I begin a coaching relationship and I take my client into my heart, I’m thankful for what NVW opened in me. Our hearts have an endless capacity to embrace one another that I now deeply understand.”

Jane Owen

St. Clair Shores, MI

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