Anamaria Aristizabal

Anamaria is a creator and catalyst for human & organizational development and social innovation. She is a certified master coach (MCC), consultant, and facilitator, supporting individuals and teams in their learning, development, and change aspirations. She is the author of the book Life Re-Vision: A Journey to Rediscover your Core, Reinvent Yourself, and Renew your Future Vision and founder of Re-Vision Academy, where she trains and leads a community of purposeful and soulful change agents. She is also a member of various organizations and networks that promote personal and societal evolution.

A biologist by training, Anamaria’s work is full of metaphors from nature to remind us of our place in the great web of life. She is a founding member of the Aldeafeliz Ecovillage where she currently lives with her husband Carlos and cat Bilba. Anamaria is an avid yoga practitioner and loves to make music.

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