“To be a good coach is to learn to continuously welcome
our own wholeness and aliveness so that we can support
others in doing the same.”
Faculty, Claremont, CA
“Le coaching c’est danser autour d’une
curiosité profonde qui mutuellement
te touche et t’inspire à explorer.”
Faculty, Montréal, Canada
“The simplest way to discover our true strength is
to listen courageously to the longing in our heart.”
Faculty, Palo Alto, CA
“La confianza, como el arte, nunca proviene
de tener todas las respuestas, sino de estar
abierto a todas las preguntas.”
Faculty, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Our work supports all of us in potently stepping
into what is ours to do in the world.”
Faculty, Petaluma, CA
“Becoming a coach is returning to our own authentic
wholeness… and inviting others to flourish.”
Faculty, North Andover, MA
“Becoming a coach is becoming a better human being
in service of life.”
Faculty, Montréal, Canada
“Kindness informed by wisdom is
the foundation of our coaching work.”
Founder, San Francisco, CA
“Coaching frees people to bring extraordinary
humanity and dignity to life, spreading
ripples through their communities.”
Faculty, London, England