Karen Aznoian, North Andover, MA

Karen has a passion for leading complex organizational change initiatives through a combination of skillful coaching and deep business competence. She is a regular leader of the PCC, leads programs for women leaders and professional coaches and offers Women’s Circles of Development.  Learn more.

Dawn Brown, Laguna Niguel, CA

Dawn’s coaching style is a blend of inquiry, rigor, and compassion. She helps clients transition from manager to leader,  improve their ability to delegate effectively, and to be more collaborative. After many years of leading the PCC she supports the courses as a Mentor Coach. Learn more.

Sarita Chawla, MCC, San Rafael, CA

Sarita has been involved with NVW since its very first San Francisco coach training class in 1987, including as a senior leader of the PCC. She has dedicated her life to the questions of what is a human being and what does it take to create the conditions for unfoldment. Learn more.

Fabian Di Felice, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fabian’s coaching focuses on helping clients to architect their life, career and way of being by helping them to get in touch with the intersection between their core passion and their unique abilities. He has lived and worked in six countries on four continents: Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, Hong Kong and the UK. Learn more.

Julie Engel, Boston, MA

Julie is a PCC leader and executive coach whose work focuses on supporting leaders across private, public and civil society sectors who are committed to being catalysts for positive change in the world. She is a longtime yoga practitioner and certified Hakomi practitioner. Learn more.

Therese Tong, Scotts Valley, CA

Therese believes that each of us has precious talent to offer the world— she helps leaders step more courageously into what they are called to do and be, and to elicit the best from their teams. Her 18 years of global corporate experience coupled with her extensive work and travel abroad have cultivated in her a deep cultural sensitivity and awareness. She serves as a Mentor Coach in the PCC. Learn more.