Fabian Di Felice

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Fabian Di Felice has 20 years of experience working in large multicultural and multinational Companies, including BAT, Unilever and Transport for London. During this period he lived and worked in six countries on four continents: Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, Hong Kong and UK.

He has coached senior executives of big multinational companies in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). Fabian’s coaching blends the multicultural awareness gained through his international career and his direct management experience in leading complex teams and organizations. He also supports leadership teams and organizations to increase their self-awareness, to tap their power to optimize their functioning, and to explore a new way of practicing their leadership. His coaching focuses on helping clients architect their life, career and way of being by helping them to get in touch with the intersection between their core passion and their unique abilities. He has applied coaching to help high-profile politicians to develop and execute their agenda with power, balance and effectiveness.

Prior to his coaching work, Fabian worked in several senior top team and board positions in IT and marketing around the world.

Fabian is an Industrial Engineer, graduated from the Buenos Aires University in Argentina, with postgraduate studies in Industrial Administration at the São Paulo University in Brazil.

Fabian lives in Buenos Aires and has two beloved sons. He is a devoted tennis player and, as an Aikido practitioner, he is fascinated to explore the relationship between somatic and human behavior. He is also currently studying to become a Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, a previously postponed passion.