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Masterful Conversations

Learn to maximize your team’s productivity though meaningful, efficient communication. Integrally study and inquire into the philosophical, relational, cultural, linguistic, and somatic elements of successful conversations. You’ll find out how to tap into the creativity, drive and resourcefulness of each member of your team to strengthen your connections and enrich the important work you do together.

Integral Coach® Certification

The Professional Coaching Course is one of the most respected coach certification programs in the world. For over 30 years, our world-class faculty members have been training masterful coaches in our unique  Integral Coaching® methodology on five continents. The program is designed to bring about a radical, lasting way of being that has our students be open, alive and moving dynamically in concert with the potential and complexity of their coaching clients.


There are several paths to learn more and experience Integral Coaching® firsthand.

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Meet our faculty on a free call

Spend an hour speaking with a leader of the Professional Coaching Course and learn about Integral Coaching from their perspective. The format is relaxed and designed to focus on questions the callers bring. This is a wonderful way to find out how our work resonates with you.


Experience being a client

Work one-on-one with an experienced coach who is a student in the Professional Coaching Course. You will have an opportunity to receive support in developing a new competence, get unstuck in some aspect of your life, or open a new possibility for yourself.  Being a guest client is also an excellent way to learn if Integral Coaching® is something you would like (and feel called) to develop.


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Take our foundational program

Coaching To Excellence is our introductory course in Integral Coaching. Over two profound days of exercises, dialogue and practice, you will discover new ways of listening, speaking, and understanding others that will immediately benefit your personal and professional relationships. This program fulfills the prerequisite for the Professional Coaching Course.


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