Touching worlds

I am most delighted,
Your gracious presence
In my garden just now,
Filling this space with me,
Drawing my beating heart to yours,
Connecting our often fragile worlds,
In this hallowed moment.

As you touch my world,
Effervescent with bird-song
And bird-flutter,
The world of connection,
Between you and me,
The world as it should be,
Magically restored.

You are at home, here
Among the trees and grassy green,
Nourished in this solace,
As I am too, together
We draw in common breath,
Held in this moment,
In Creator’s soft embrace.

I would our worlds,
Intertwined remained, touched
For more than just this moment,
Remaining one,
In rhythmic, rapturous grace,
Our songs in unison, together,
Clarion call for Universal peace.

Roger Arendse graduated the PCC in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. He is an Integral Empowerment coach & facilitator, and director at EagleCoaching. 

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