Support in Grief

In this episode of Stepping In, Adam Klein speaks with the late Richard Levi, a facilitator of grief support groups who also coached individual clients through grief.

Grief can blindside and disorient the people directly affected—and those who wish to support them.

Richard offers ways to prepare ourselves to join our clients in the abruptly new world that grief often creates.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Stepping In podcast episode Support in Grief:

  • How does grief evolve from various life events beyond death, such as loss of limb, mastectomy, or life-threatening illnesses?
  • What is the cycle of grief, emotional ups and downs, and reorganization as individuals rebuild their lives?
  • How deep listening and empathy are crucial for coaches working with grief, providing clients with a safe space to express their emotions.
  • What is the relational competence vital in grief, helping individuals choose supportive relationships during their grieving process?
  • How grief impacts every aspect of life, altering perception, senses, and daily activities.
  • How embracing grief can lead to a rebirth, empowering individuals to take control and make meaningful decisions for their remaining time.


About the Late Richard Levi
Richard had a unique career path and began as an internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer in Europe and New York City, working on Broadway, and the Montreal Jazz Festival, doing national tours, and attending trade shows. He parlayed his theatrical experience into the launch of his own production company to invest in and produce original musical theatre pieces for the Broadway stage, as well as design and manufacture licensed theatrical products.

Levi began a consulting practice, serving as a product developer and marketing consultant to corporate productivity experts The David Allen Company (author of the best-selling “Getting Things Done”), bringing on a roster of diverse business clients ranging from designer lighting companies to wholesale plant nurseries in the county of Sonoma, where Richard lived.

Richard utilized listening and counseling skills working weekly as a volunteer facilitator of hospice grief support groups and as a mediator for adults and teens.

Richard honored his invaluable gifts received from master coaches and educators along his own peripatetic path, passing his knowledge along to ignite the passion in others for doing their best, most fulfilling work in the world, whatever that may look like. He lived a life fulfilled by being in the service of others.

Richard was a certified Integral Coach (PCC and ICF certified) serving as an adjunct faculty member of New Ventures West and loved by many both inside and outside the Integral Coaching community.

About Adam Klein
Adam is dedicated to creating a more just, sustainable, creative, and loving world. Before joining New Ventures West, he helped create a first-in-class business solution to combat global slavery and relaunch a San Francisco Bay Area center for integral spiritual formation.

Adam has a Master’s degree in Engineering from Santa Clara University. Some time ago he entered the world of Ironman triathlons and ultra-running as a means to further understand the importance of the body and the deep, integral nature of being human.

Adam focuses on integrating NVW’s purpose and bringing it to fruition. He oversees strategy, tech, and the flow of various internal work streams, as well as supporting graduates and ensuring ICF compliance.

He regularly leads the Professional Coaching Course, hosts our orientation events in San Francisco, is the creator and host of the NVW podcast Stepping In, and has his own business coaching leaders and individuals.

About the Stepping In
Stepping In is a podcast of bold inquiry into life’s biggest challenges with one of the world’s oldest and most distinguished coaching schools, New Ventures West.

In a spirit of curiosity, compassion, and honesty, we delve into how Integral Coaching can address some of the most pressing issues we face as individuals, communities, and stewards of our planet.

In the Stepping In Podcast, we explore what it takes to develop the sensitivity and capacity required to live and thrive in an increasingly complex world.

About New Ventures West
From its humble beginnings to one of the top accredited coaching schools in the world, New Ventures West pioneered one of the deepest, most transformative forms of human development available for coaches, leaders, and anyone looking to bring people alive in possibility.

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00:00 Introduction and understanding grief
02:39 Identifying the grief cycle
05:13 Impact on capacity to handle emotions
06:38 Creating a supportive space for grief
08:38 Differences in coaching grief
09:10 Challenges in societal support for grief
10:18 Six Streams of Competence model
11:21 Emotional, relational, and intellectual shifts
12:29 Somatic changes of grief
13:41 Integrating grief experiences
14:10 Helping clients find agency
15:10 Locating oneself in the grief process
16:23 Metaphor of decorating the room
17:29 Grief’s toll on society
18:56 Understanding coaching limitations
20:19 Unintended gift of grief
22:15 No timetable for grief
24:03 Embracing life

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