Right-Sizing Yourself

You probably have no idea of the actual scale of your presence in the world.


  • I’m so small
  • They’ll never take any notice
  • I can’t do anything
  • Who cares what I see and know?
  • Better not to cause any ripples
  • Nobody listens, why would they?
  • Who, little me?


  • I’m so important
  • It’s all about me
  • I’m entitled to whatever I want
  • Get out of my way
  • You owe me

It shouldn’t be surprising that you adopt one or both of these positions, such is our desire to hide from or conquer the complexity and confusion of life. But, in the end, both reduce the world to something small and rather petty. They are a way of manipulating life to get what you want, or avoid what you don’t want to have to feel. And each diverts you from the duty of stepping up and contributing what is only yours to give.

When you right-size yourself, you’ll find out that you have both immense power and immense responsibility, because to be human is inescapably to be a creator of worlds.

You always have the power to speak, act, imagine, trust, create, persuade, love, build, challenge, connect, listen, invent and teach. And with it the responsibility that comes from knowing that everything you say and everything you do shapes you and the lives of those around you. And when you right-size yourself, and you see all this, all you’ll want to do is serve.

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