Recording Release Form for PCC Demonstration Client

I, the undersigned, hereby enter into this Agreement with New Ventures West (NVW). I have been informed and understand that NVW is recording a coaching demonstration in which I am the client, and that my likeness, image, appearance and/or performance are being recorded and made a part of that video recording.

  1. I hereby grant NVW the irrevocable right to use my likeness, image, appearance, and performance as embodied in the recording.
  2. I acknowledge that the recording will be used for no other purpose than student learning in classes in NVW. NVW will not broadcast, exhibit, market, sell or distribute the recording.
  3. I confirm that I have the right to enter into this Agreement and hereby give all clearances, copyright and otherwise, for use of my name, likeness, image, voice, appearance, and performance embodied in the Video. I expressly release and indemnify NVW and its successors, assigns and/or licensees from any and all claims including, without limitation, any and all claims for invasion of privacy, infringement of my right of publicity, defamation (including libel and slander) and any other personal and/or other property rights, arising out of or in any way connected with the above granted uses and representations. I agree that I shall not now or in the future assert or maintain any such claim against NVW, its successors, assigns and/or licensees.
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New Ventures West