Opening Windows

Othering lives within me.
The parts of me that I love and the parts that I don’t.
What gets neglected in me
The corners of my soul that
I don’t visit for fear of the unknown
Or because I have forgotten.

There are rooms in my soul that are filled with dust,
Webs, and darkness.

It is time to open the windows
Enter the rooms
And find the beauty waiting to be found,
Uncovered, reawakened.

The rooms in the soul feel never ending.
A constant opening and discovery of eternity within me.

It is time to expand,
To take fuller residence into the wholeness of me.
Of all that I am and all that opens up within me.

The originality of my soul that keeps opening up
with magic, enchantment, darkness, and love.

A love for all that there is
And for the magic that is here
In every unfolding dimension.

Longing to be.
A new turn to belonging.
To be-longing-together.

The longing of our love
The longing of our hearts
The longing of our souls.

To be more here
To love what we love
To care for what we care.
And to engage in the enchantment of life
Through our love for all that is here.

We start with the love of our own soul
And all the twists and turns that it takes
In its bravery in life and the path
Of all that is here
Known and unknown.

We are here
Longing to be together as one,
And in our aloneness too.

Longing to be together
This is belonging,
And it’s always been here
Just as we are here
Opening the windows of our hearts

Cynthia is a Managing Partner and faculty member at New Ventures West.

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash