Nearby Lodging

In addition to the many airbnb options nearby, we recommend these hotels that are very close to us. Since San Francisco is geographically compact, anywhere you choose in the city will not be far from our centralized location. Please note:

  • Rates on this list are updated periodically and are not guaranteed by New Ventures West. They do not include tax and may vary by season.
  • When calling to reserve a hotel, let them know you need a quiet room. Some of these places are small. If you get a room near the street, it may be noisy.

Holiday Inn Golden Gateway

1500 Van Ness Avenue (2.3 miles from NVW)
Rates $200-$250
Phone: 415-441-4000

Hotel Kabuki (Boutique Hotel)

1625 Post Street at Laguna (1.5 miles from NVW)
Visit their website for current rates.
Phone: 415.922.3200

The Laurel Inn (Boutique Hotel)

444 Presidio Avenue at California (1 mile from NVW)
Rates: $333- $350 (AAA discount available)
Phone: 415.567.8467 or 800.552.8735

Monte Cristo (B&B Hotel)

600 Presidio Avenue (0.8 miles from NVW)
Rates: $225-$235
Phone: 415.931.1875

Stanyan Park Hotel (Victorian B&B)

750 Stanyan Street near Haight (1 mile from NVW)
Rates: $323 – $343
Phone: 415.751.1000

Seal Rock Inn (Motel)

545 Point Lobos Avenue at 48th (3 miles from NVW)
Rates: $169-$189
Phone: 415.752.8000 or 888.SEALROC

Geary Parkway Motel (Motel)

4750 Geary Boulevard @12th Street (0.7 miles from NVW)
Rates $117-$125
Phone: 415.752.4406 or 877.752.4406

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