A Manifesto – Beyond Coaching: What we Really Bring to the World

At our enormously exciting, inspiring and developmental UnConference last week in San Francisco, we came together as a worldwide community for the first time. Being in each other’s presence connected us to who we really are as a community and let us hear our true calling in a deep, resonant, unifying voice.

I, for one, was irreversibly transformed. I deeply feel that our destiny as a community was revealed. And it is far, far beyond coach training.

As a school, as an organization, we have been focusing our method on developing people into coaches. Integral coaching, when engaged sincerely, definitively shifts our quality of presence, provides personal contact with our heartfelt values, and builds lasting capacity to effect positive change. We’ve learned to shift people’s way of being, initiate improvements in necessary competence, and have both of these integrate into the continuous unfolding of a meaningful, joyful and contributory life. All this you know.

How wonderful. How marvelous. Together we have brought something powerful and alive into the world.

And now for the blinding flash of the obvious: our new and broader mandate is to bring our methodology to any and all groups whose practitioners must shift their way of being to match their particular calling and who must embody competencies required to fulfill their mission—and have these two strands weave together, strengthening both—leaving the practitioner integrated, authentic, and grounded in genuine commitment.

What if physicians not only learned the art and science of medicine, but the way of being of a healer, and brought both together in an exquisite expression?

What if teachers learned to rely on their quality of presence to engage and guide students and sidestepped burnout, cynicism or resignation?

What if parents learned to tap into their own ability to attune to their children and could step out of the whipsaw world of “experts” and then, with much less anxiety, trust themselves?

What if politicians wove together deep integrity, a powerful vision and dynamic leadership that flowed from the deep confidence of truly knowing and integrating all aspects of themselves?

What if…?

As of now, New Ventures West is dedicated to fulfilling all these possibilities, to stepping into our true destiny. We don’t know, of course, all the projects, programs and forms our new commitment will take.  We will initiate some offers and be very open to what others ask of us.

Our worldwide leader body met immediately after our UnConference and we are all already seeking chances to express our new mandate.

I am writing to not only share this but also to ask you to join us in our new venture. Please be in touch with your comments on this manifesto and with your suggestions and invitations.

We are all in this together.  Who knows what will unfold next?

Let’s release our mooring—undo our constraints, drop our fears—and sail boldly into open waters.

New Ventures West