Integral Development

Living Your Authentic Life

The Art and Practice of Living Your Authentic Life is a yearlong personal development program that guides, supports and encourages you as you journey toward your authentic self and the embodied understanding of your essential gifts, what is important to you, and your personal truth.  It is open to anyone who is dedicated to discovering and evoking authenticity in themselves and others; it’s not necessary to be a coach.

Towards Mastery

Towards Mastery programs are rigorous PCC-level courses, led by senior faculty, exclusively for graduates of the Professional Coaching Course. They are designed to further develop your way of being, hone your skills, broaden your understanding of Integral Coaching, and support you in bringing your voice fully into the world.

Towards Mastery cohorts will meet in person for two sessions, with an online mid-program session. You’ll also have pod meetings, individual coaching, reading, and assignments between sessions. You’ll be asked to take up and maintain a series of practices to support your development during the program.

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