In-House Training

Customized team education

To begin to develop coaching skills, consider our introductory workshop Foundations of Coaching. Participants quickly learn to recognize their own intervention style, greatly improve their listening skills, and start to practice a proven coaching methodology. Class size: 12-24.

Coaching for Development is a six-month intensive that will ready participants to conduct longer term coaching programs and develop sustainable improvements with their clients.  Class size: 10-20.

If you already have a team of experienced internal coaches, you can immediately broaden their capacity and effectiveness by offering Integral Coaching Principlesdesigned to bring integral methodology to ready practitioners. Learning and practicing the three core models of Integral Coaching will bring a sophistication to their coaching interventions and a greater ability to attune to their clients. Class size: 12-24.

These programs have been successfully taught in many sectors and industries and can easily be customized to fit your organization’s culture and goals.

For more options of bespoke programs for developing leaders and teams, contact us with questions about which program would best suit your organization and bring about the forward development you desire.


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