Intersection of Family and Philosophy

In this episode of Stepping In, Adam Klein and Justin Wise delve into the profound influence of philosophy on our worldview, behavior, and relationships, particularly within the context of family dynamics.

Adam and Justin discuss how early interactions and cultural backgrounds shape our perception and relationship with the world. The conversation explores the contrast between American and Japanese child-rearing practices, emphasizing how these early experiences mold our understanding of engagement and connection.

Reflect with them on Cartesian dualism’s impact on modern thinking, highlighting the need for a more holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of mind, body, and world.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Stepping In podcast episode At the Intersection of Family and Philosophy:

  • How philosophy shapes our worldview, behavior as modern humans, and our understanding of day-to-day life.
  • What influences interactions and cultural backgrounds, and how do these shape our relationship with the world and people?
  • How metaphors and analogies help us understand our environment.
  • Definition, perspectives, and importance of philosophy and how those affect other disciplines.
  • Approaching holistically understanding people, that we’re more than just our minds and connected to the world around us.
  • Implications of philosophy in coaching and personal growth.


By understanding the profound influence of philosophy on our understanding of the world and relationships, we can live and promote a more compassionate, pragmatic, and interconnected approach to personal growth and understanding.

Resources mentioned in this article
Hubert Dreyfus: Cultural differences in child-rearing practices, Dreyfus was a philosopher and professor interested in phenomenology, existentialism, and philosophy.

Phenomenology: A branch of philosophy focused on the appearance and forms of human experiences, discussed in relation to coaching methodologies.

David Foster Wallace: American novelist, short story writer, essayist, and university professor cited for his story about fish and water.

René Descartes: Discussed for his belief in Cartesian dualism—the belief in the separation of mind and body, discussed in relation to Descartes’ philosophy.

Martin Heidegger: German philosopher known for contributions to phenomenology, hermeneutics, and existentialism.

About Justin Wise
After a notable career in software development, Justin founded Thirdspace to express his lifelong commitment to learning, teaching, and the development of human wholeness. Justin views coaching and organizational development as vital disciplines in creating sustainable, ethical communities, organizations, and societies. He has been coaching professionally since 2005.

He graduated with an MSc in People and Organization Development at the Roffey Park Institute, UK, and holds first-class postgraduate degrees from Cambridge University and University College London. Justin has been an accredited Integral Development Coach from New Ventures West and holds the PCC Credential from the International Coaching Federation.

About Adam Klein
Adam is dedicated to creating a more just, sustainable, creative, and loving world. Before joining New Ventures West, he helped create a first-in-class business solution to combat global slavery and relaunch a San Francisco Bay Area center for integral spiritual formation.

Adam has a Master’s degree in Engineering from Santa Clara University. Some time ago he entered the world of Ironman triathlons and ultra-running as a means to further understand the importance of the body and the deep, integral nature of being human.

Adam focuses on integrating NVW’s purpose and bringing it to fruition. He oversees strategy, tech, and the flow of various internal work streams, as well as supporting graduates and ensuring ICF compliance.

He regularly leads the Professional Coaching Course, hosts our orientation events in San Francisco, is the creator and host of the NVW podcast Stepping In, and has his own business coaching leaders and individuals.

About the Stepping In
Stepping In is a podcast of bold inquiry into life’s biggest challenges with one of the world’s oldest and most distinguished coaching schools, New Ventures West.

In a spirit of curiosity, compassion, and honesty, we delve into how Integral Coaching can address some of the most pressing issues we face as individuals, communities, and stewards of our planet.

In the Stepping In Podcast, we explore what it takes to develop the sensitivity and capacity required to live and thrive in an increasingly complex world.

About New Ventures West
From its humble beginnings to one of the top accredited coaching schools in the world, New Ventures West pioneered one of the deepest, most transformative forms of human development available for coaches, leaders, and anyone looking to bring people alive in possibility.

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00:00 Introduction and definition of philosophy
03:03 Cultural differences between American vs Japanese
03:49 Metaphors, analogies, and David Foster Wallace
05:35 Philosophy and the family
09:15 The search for meaning
11:37 Impacts of Cartesian Dualism
13:19 Critique of Descartes
17:51 Philosophy and decision-making
21:53 Philosophy and Integral Coaching
23:44 Phenomenology in coaching

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