Tatiana Zaytseva
An experienced corporate lawyer in the past, the last 6 years in the Child Care and Adult Care domain as an executive, caring mother of 2 kids. Based in San Diego, CA Hi, I'm Tatiana. IÕd like to invite you into my life. I have a lifelong experience of empathy and supporting people. I grew up with abusive parents in a common criminal Russian neighborhood, became an achiever to perform well, and feel numb inside but radical listening and following my intuition helped me to find my authentic way of being and start experiencing my life fully. Almost 17 years ago for the first time in my life, I took care of kids with behavioral problems in Chechen Republic (Russian Federation) during the Second Chechen War. These kids were born during the war and needed love and safety to satisfy their basic needs. It was a deep work with kids and their parents to meet their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs and vulnerable and remarkable experiences for me which changed my life focus and trajectory. In 2008 I after getting 2 degrees started my advocacy and corporate lawyer careers in Russia. My main values were trust, respect, and honesty. That experience benefited me by deepening and expanding my emotional capacity, empathy, impartiality, vulnerability and wonder to help people express their views and wishes and to support people in difficult life circumstances. But I started noticing that I felt numb inside trying to pursue the social standards and expectations of a lawyer career. In 2017, I dove into the field of public politics and human rights in Russia and became the spokesperson of Navalny, the main enemy of Putin's regime, and organized rallies, participating in NavalnyÕs presidential campaign. At the same time, I have been involved in running my own Adult Care since 2015. In 2018 I moved to the USA. And I had a deep conversation with myself about my life mission. Remembering my early experience with kids and having my own kids inspired me to run my own Child Care in 2019. It was a call of my heart and a way to find my vocation to contribute to this world. Having experience with Adult and Child care uncovered my skills as an executive in hiring, coaching, managing, instructing, mentoring, and supervising. In 2021, I expanded my competency in the field of Body and Emotion oriented practices to deepen my experience. I graduated from a 30 days Emotional Granularity Course, which spans until now. After searching for various recognized coaching organizations, I chose to embark on Integral Coaching Certification. An integral coach sees a client as a complex human being with opportunities to develop, asks skillful questions, listens deeply, presents with a client, and creates custom-designed practices to promote a new way of being for a client. Professional Qualifications ¥ Certified Integral coach, New Venture West, (San Francisco, 2023) ¥ Certified Emotional Granularity course (Moscow, 2021) ¥ Certified and Completed Fundamentals of Neuroscience, HarvardX, 2020 ¥ Completed Child development course (San Diego, 2019) ¥ Certified Extension in Maternity Psychology (Russia, 2016) ¥ Degree Master of Law (Civil Law), Omsk State University (Russia, 2011) ¥ Degree in Political science (Political manipulation), Omsk State University (Russia, 2008)

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