Cristina Celis
Cristina is a seasoned start-up operator, leader, and entrepreneur. She coaches senior and emerging leaders searching for deeper impact and fulfillment in their lives and careers. She spent the first decade of her career building and managing high performing teams across nonprofits, start-ups, and tech, and later launched her own start-up focused on relational wellness. She intimately understands the challenges that come with high pressure, fast-paced careers and start-ups, and has a passion for helping people tap into their fullest potential. In addition to her professional background, Cristina brings her lived experience to each coaching engagement Ð as a woman, a working mother, an immigrant born and raised in Latin America, and a type A business person turned Integral Coach. She holds an MBA from StanfordÕs Graduate School of Business and a BA in Economics from Brown University. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and children.

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Foundations of Coaching

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Foundations of Coaching

03/12/2024 - 03/14/2024 | Virtual (Pacific) | By Carole Henmi

Our introductory program, Foundations of Coaching, gives you hands-on experience with the Integral Coaching methodology, with plenty of space for conversation.

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