Bringing the Wisdom of the Heart into Coaching

James was interviewed recently by Joel Monk, co-founder of Coaches Rising. This interview one of a series leading up to the Coaches Rising Summit, a month-long online seminar featuring many lumiaries in the coaching field including Otto Scharmer, Jennifer Garvey Berger, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, James, and others.

This half-hour interview covers:

  • Why relating to our clients as people whose problems we can solve is not the most powerful way to coach
  • How the wisdom of the heart can create coherence and help integrate our clients’ segmented and conflicted parts
  • The important question that James asks his clients as they share the potential they want to fulfill or problems they want to address

James also talks a bit about his presentation for the upcoming summit: “Instant Integral Coaching: Bringing Lasting Help During Crisis.”

Watch the interview below or click here for audio only.


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