Adam Klein

Adam hosts the Stepping In Podcast, which explores topics germane to integral coaching and the broader human experience.

You can also read about Adam’s journey to becoming a coach.

Student experiences

“Adam was instrumental in my personal growth by helping me deepen my understanding of my somatic self, and leveraging that wisdom to become a more effective Integral Coach.”
—Mike Mulkey
“The PCC with Adam Klein has pointed my life in a new and fresh direction.  I learned Integral Coaching not only through this mastery of the content, but more importantly through his embodiment of what it is to be an Integral Coach.”
—Jim Fallon
Words that come to mind when I think about Adam and his teaching: curious, playful, warm, engaging, incredibly well read, gifted, patient. He is able to pause, reflect and give space for each person to come forward.” 
—Amanda Thibert

Adam Klein is a Professional Coaching Course leader and Managing Partner at NVW. He is dedicated to seeing people and mission-focused organizations fulfill their capacity. Prior to joining NVW he helped create a first-in-class business solution to combat global slavery and re-launch a San Francisco Bay Area center for integral development. He has also led relief work in Sri Lanka and Guinea Bissau and built a successful consulting and coaching practice.

Adam’s background is in engineering, with a Master’s degree from Santa Clara University. While working as a project lead for a joint satellite project with NASA AMES, the Air Force Research Lab, and Stanford University, he saw that knowledge was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effectiveness, great accomplishment and, more importantly, deep satisfaction. This insight led him to his life’s work of supporting people in long-term human development and integration. His great joy is now working with clients and seeing them more fulfilled and effective.

A published poet, Adam finds inspiration through his practice of ultra-running and extended time in the wild. He delights in spending time with his wife Robyn and their daughter Genesis.