2025 Recertification Badge

Below is a digital badge you can use in your email signatures or website. Instructions for adding to LinkedIn are at the bottom of this page.

Certification through 2025

Website Embed Code

To add the badge to your website, copy and paste the HTML below. (Though it extends off the page, if you double-click the line of code it will enable you to copy it.)

<a href="https://www.newventureswest.com/what-is-integral-coaching/"><img class="" src="https://newventureswest.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/2025_NVW_Certification.png" width="120" height="120" border="0" /></a>

Adding your certification to LinkedIn

*please note a different logo will appear

  1. Go to your profile page on LinkedIn
  2. Scroll down to the “Accomplishments” section
  3. Click the “+” on the right side and select “Certification”
  4. In “Certification Name” enter Certified Integral Coach
  5. In “Certification Authority” enter New Ventures West
  6. Leave “License number” blank
  7. Add the date you certified
  8. In “Certification URL” enter https://www.newventureswest.com/what-is-integral-coaching